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  •  HighStep for electricity pylons

  •  HighStep for communication towers

  •  HighStep for cranes

  •  HighStep for wind power plants

  •  HighStep for buildings

  •  HighStep for shafts and tunnels


Requirements on the climbing system

Construction companies, civil engineers as well as operators of transport or mobile cranes form a central client segment at HighStep Systems AG. The HighStep System will meet today's as well as tomorrow's requirements put on a climbing system by operators of cranes.

Requirements from a crane operator's perspective

Cranes are equipped with ladders to enable crane drivers to reach their cabins at lofty heights. What reasons could there be for retrofitting a crane with a new climbing system? What needs would be fulfilled? The following requirements have to be taken into account:

  • Greater climbing safety in all weather.
  • Greater security against misuse on construction sites
  • Time saved on the climb to the driver's cabin
  • At least an option of ascending by lift instead of climbing manually
  • A new climbing system has to be quick to install
  • There must not be any structural modifications required to the crane
  • The solution must be able to run equally well inside and outside the tower
  • It must adjust to tapering of the tower
  • It must not cause any wind or load-related swaying
  • The climbing solution must run from the ground to the cabin, even on gantry cranes